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 ~yellow... like cheese!!!

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Messages : 13
Date d'inscription : 2011-12-03

PostSubject: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   Fri 9 Dec - 20:50

So... whe all know that cheese is yellow and some have holes.
now if youre like me, youre first though would be this isnt about cheese at all..
to the point this is a introduction thingy.
so lets keep it clean and move the tissues back from where u got them.

as we speak, my audtion name is Gizmo.
hello every one nice to meet you!
how did i get to know this fam, well it whas such a sudden day i met pony,
and it only took a second and i whas in the fam.
cause yea he had those tissues next to him the fastest.
pers are liked pervs are whanted u cant hate them u laugh with them
cause whats funnier then next to a clown?
well that would be a pervert, not all the perverts some can be just annoying
that i whanna slap them, cause they fail doing it in the right way @_@..

but if you dont get the humeur atall u should just have fun with clowns Mad
no pony not that kind of fun put the tissues back !
as for my age i'm 20 years old.

my hobbies as far goes from drawing playing keyboard gaming and being a pervert, i like to go out as wel i like all kinds of music but please keep the jb shit away from me or u will get my bad side
no joking.

i even beated the crap out of a dj at a small party that suddenly played justin bieber crap and ofcours i can never get in there anymore.

and that prolly whus it basicly for the rest im a fun and nice guy just dont get me at my serius dark side cus you know you wont be having that smile for much longer then now o-o

and some might have know there whas abit of sarcasm here and there o_o now i finally did my introduction so trang LEAVE ME ALONE @_@!!!! with the forum links.. thank you~ Very Happy
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Messages : 330
Date d'inscription : 2011-10-29
Age : 25
Localisation : Germany

PostSubject: Re: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   Fri 9 Dec - 21:08

gj gizmo ;win

here ur prize Very Happy
since u dont want it deleted ;pray

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Ultimate spammer

Messages : 194
Date d'inscription : 2011-11-01

PostSubject: Re: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   Sat 10 Dec - 9:54

Welcome in here Gizmo ^^
And that was a pretty good introduction
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F*cking spammer

Messages : 158
Date d'inscription : 2011-11-07
Age : 29
Localisation : Terre de Fangh

PostSubject: Re: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   Sat 10 Dec - 13:16

Welcome Smile
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Messages : 11
Date d'inscription : 2011-12-03

PostSubject: Re: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   Sat 10 Dec - 20:39

afro Heyyyy Gizmo cheers

lol! Welcome lol!
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Pony Lover

Messages : 46
Date d'inscription : 2011-10-29

PostSubject: Re: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   Sun 11 Dec - 1:27

Robbiieeee <3
Continue to entertain me, MEGUSTA Razz
See u soon !
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F*cking spammer

Messages : 152
Date d'inscription : 2011-11-17
Localisation : Germany

PostSubject: Re: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   Sun 11 Dec - 3:12

Welcome Gizi thanks for finding your way to the forum finally. Smile

Now you have been officially foxy spammed too - since i can´t do it on fb <3

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F*cking spammer

Messages : 121
Date d'inscription : 2011-10-29
Age : 23
Localisation : France

PostSubject: Re: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   Sun 11 Dec - 10:46

Welcome Giz ! U heartless !
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Messages : 71
Date d'inscription : 2011-10-28

PostSubject: Re: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   Sun 11 Dec - 12:58

Haha welcome Gizli ! I'm glad to have you by our side ;D
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Messages : 53
Date d'inscription : 2011-10-28
Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   Tue 13 Dec - 15:16

Welcome here!
I can't wait to play with u again ! *-*
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Pony Lover

Messages : 44
Date d'inscription : 2011-10-30
Age : 27

PostSubject: Re: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   Fri 16 Dec - 17:03

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PostSubject: Re: ~yellow... like cheese!!!   

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~yellow... like cheese!!!
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